Benchtop Freezer for the Lab

FRYKA's ULT Freezer with Small Footprint from -85 °C up to -10 °C

Cooling energy or low temperature cooling is needed in various areas of research and industry.

With the FRYKA cold box you have a device that can be used for cooling, storing and freezing throughout the laboratory and industrial area.

Designed as a quiet tabletop unit is it suitable for installation directly on the user's desktop and enables decentralized storage of refrigerated goods. The ways to outsourced freezer and the cooling of refrigerated goods during transport are eliminated.

The established cold box is available with color touchscreen and advanced control system or with the standard controller.

In addition to a real-time display of the temperature profile, the new control systems provides also the opportunity to read-out the temperature profile and alarm events of the integrated data logger via USB interface. The new controller allows extensive monitoring of the refrigeration unit with analysis of errors. Through the Ethernet interface, you can integrate the cold box into your network and with the Internet connection you have worldwide access with the possibility to interrogate the alarm messages or changing the setpoint temperature.

To the protection of the adjusted alarm and set point temperatures the cold box has an extensive user administration at its disposal with access control, password protection and note of the access for a traceability of the users.

All cold boxes have a volume of 35 liters and are available with different temperature ranges from -85°C to -10°C.

Especially for time restricted studies the cold boxes also can be rented. For you this means: no investment costs, no subsequent costs, no capital commitment.

Further Advanteges:

  • Vacuum-Insulation: large interior space with small external dimensions and low power consumption
  • foamed door with double door seal
  • All stainless steel casing
  • Refrigeration unit: low noise, fully hermetically sealed, air-cooled, low maintenance
  • Interior free of fixtures
  • Stackable unit
  • Side air vent, so suitable for installation directly on walls
  • B 35-85: two-stage cascade refrigeration system
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