Dr. Andreas Eich

Visco Handbook:Basics and Application of Viscometry Using Glass Capillary Viscometers

This SI Analytics guide focuses on both the basics and on practical know how about viscometry.

Based on long-standing laboratory expertise and covering the guidelines of current standards, its 92 pages convey what users of capillary viscometers need to know.

Numerous illustrations, tables and diagrams are provided for easy learning and to facilitate the handling of capillary viscometers in day-to-day lab routines.

Contents of the Visco Handbook

1. Viscosity – Rheology

  1. The principles of viscosity measurement
2. The fundamentals of capillary viscometry

3. Measurement of the flow time
  1. Manual timing
  2. Automatic timing
4. Methods for determining viscosity

5. Calibration

6. Handling capillary viscometers
  1. General guidelines for selecting the measuring system
  2. Cleaning capillary viscometers
  3. Preparing for measurement
  4. Performing measurements
7. Sources of error and special corrections

8. Specific applications
  1. Testing plastics
  2. Viscosity determination of oils and additives
  3. Food testing

Facts, background information, dossiers
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