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Honeywell Specialty Chemicals Seelze GmbH, Germany

Honeywell´s expertise in research chemicals is built on the tradition of the Riedel-de Haen AG. Modern puritfication and highest quality are part of our growing product portfolio. Today, you can purchase our products globally under the brand Burdick & Jackson (B&J). more

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  • Oxea starts propanol production in Texas

    Oxea has successfully started up its new 100,000 mt per annum world-scale production unit “Propanol 2” at its Bay City, Texas, USA, site. The now fully operational, state-of-the-art unit will increase Oxea’s North American production capacity for n‑propanol by 75 percent. Construction and commission more

  • Catalyst upgrades carbon dioxide to fuels

    Liquid multi-carbon alcohols such as ethanol and n-propanol are desired as renewable transportation fuels. They offer high energy densities, ease of long-range transport, and direct drop-in usage in existing internal combustion engines. Engineering catalysts that favor high-value alcohols is desired more

  • After Hurricane Harvey: Oxea’s production plants in Bay City and Bishop restarted

    Oxea announced the successful restart of operations at its production sites in Bay City and Bishop, Texas, USA, after the controlled shutdown due to the landfall of Hurricane Harvey by end of August. The hurricane was one of the most powerful storms to hit the USA for years. Oxea’s units are back in more

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Hexafluoro-2-propanol Hexafluoroisopropanol, commonly abbreviated HFIP is the organic compound with the formula (CF3)2CHOH. This fluorinated alcohol finds use as solvent for polymer systems. It appears as a colorless, volatile liquid that ... more


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