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Activated Carbon

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CarboTech AC GmbH, Germany

The company is Germany‘s leading supplier of powdered, granulated, and extruded activated carbons. In the very heart of the Ruhr industrial area, CarboTech operates integrated production plants for the manufacture, processing and packaging of customised activated carbons, activated cokes and Carbon more

Donau Carbon GmbH, Germany

Donau Carbon GmbH & Co. KG is active in production, supply and services in connection with activated carbon and adsorbent materials. World-wide we are supplying activated carbon and other adsorbents and additives, produces special grade activated carbon in own plants, offer reactivation of spent ca more

Honeywell Specialty Chemicals Seelze GmbH, Germany

Honeywell Research Chemicals’ history in the industry dates back more than 200 years to when Chemist Johann Daniel Riedel started production of pharmaceuticals in Berlin. Today, Riedel-de Haën™, Fluka™, Hydranal™, Chromasolv™, TraceSELECT™ and many other world leading brands are now part of the Hone more

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  • Brenntag to acquire Italian activated carbon specialist

    Brenntag has signed an agreement to acquire Comelt S.p.A. and its subsidiary Aquadepur S.R.L., both located in Northern Italy. The businesses focus on the processing, marketing, and distribution of activated and re-activated carbon for different applications such as water filtration and purification more

  • New low-cost, sustainable material for reducing air and water pollution

    A new class of low-cost and sustainable hybrid materials could possibly displace activated carbon as the preferred choice for reducing wastewater and air pollution. The material is synthesized inexpensively from solid wastes and a naturally abundant polymer -- and can cut down pollutants in air and more

  • From greenhouse gas to 3-D surface-microporous graphene

    Tiny dents in the surface of graphene greatly enhances its potential as a supercapacitor. Even better, it can be made from carbon dioxide. A material scientist at Michigan Technological University invented a novel approach to take carbon dioxide and turn it into 3-D graphene with micropores across i more

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Activated carbon

Activated carbon Activated carbon, also called activated charcoal or activated coal, is a general term which covers carbon material mostly derived from charcoal . For all three variations of the name, "activated" is sometimes substituted by "ac ... more


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