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Elliptec Resonant Actuator AG, Germany

Thorlabs recently acquired the Opens external link in new windowElliptec assets of Pantec GmbH, bringing on board a product line of highly dynamic, high-precision, piezoelectric motors and actuators. In addition to the standard motor, we can provide modified and completely customized motor solutions more

Ghibson Italia srl, Italy

Ghibson Italia was founded in 1982 for manufacturing and marketing industrial valves. Our products are entirely designed, manufactured and assembled in our factories in Italy in order to guarantee to customers our complete assistance both technical and commercial. more

DREHMO GmbH, Germany

For more than 85 years we successfully produce valve actuators for power generation, oil and gas, water and heavy industry. more

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News Actuators

  • A fairy-like robot flies by the power of wind and light

    The development of stimuli-responsive polymers has brought about a wealth of material-related opportunities for next-generation small-scale, wirelessly controlled soft-bodied robots. For some time now, engineers have known how to use these materials to make small robots that can walk, swim and jump. more

  • Smart gifts will soon unwrap themselves

    With the help of the high-brilliance X-ray source PETRA III, a German-Swedish research group has developed a new cellulose polymer material that can be specifically animated to move by moisture, making it an ideal base material for programmable actuators. In addition, the composite material is also more

  • A reconfigurable soft actuator

    Mechanical systems, such as engines and motors, rely on two principal types of motions of stiff components: linear motion, which involves an object moving from one point to another in a straight line; and rotational motion, which involves an object rotating on an axis. Nature has developed far more more

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2-D layered devices can self-assemble with precision

Video shows layered, self-assembled graphene oxide sheets with synthetic proteins patterned on squid ring teeth made into an actuator with substantial curvature. The second segment shows the same device using graphene oxide only. There is no movement.Credit: Melik Demirel,/Penn State. more


MEMS thermal actuator

MEMS thermal actuator A MEMS thermal actuator is a micromechanical device that typically generates motion by thermal expansion amplification . A small amount of thermal expansion of one part of the device translates to a large amount of defle ... more


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