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i3 membrane stands for modern, digital separation technology. We believe that membranes can serve as more than mere filters and have developed new separation technologies for the fields of life science, medical technology, and industry. Thanks to engineered conductivity and inertness of coated polymer membranes and porous stainless steel foil, we offer our customers numerous new potential applications. We use ion technology to give polymer membranes and surfaces specific functional properties. This is accomplished by applying ultra-thin layers of metal to membranes or implanting ions in stainless steel foil, thereby making them electrically switchable. Switchable adsorption and desorption of various media with simultaneous filtration paves the way for numerous potential applications of this separation technology in biotechnology, diagnostics, and water filtration or environmental analysis. Controllable surface properties can minimize fouling and enable you to use membranes efficiently and sustainably. If you are a scientist or engineer exploring new fields of research in the area of life science and developing applications, you need efficient separation technology that lives up to your extensive requirements and tasks. We support you in dealing with the problems of today and tomorrow and, with our innovative products, make a decisive contribution to your success in research, development and production.


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