NanoWired GmbH


The NanoWired process is a galvanic process that uses a nanoporous filter film to generate the structure. The components must be prepared, then the intended areas are coated with nanowires using our galvanic NanoWired process. Finally, the additional layers used in the process are removed. This process step is called stripping.
The galvanic process makes it possible to produce the wires from practically all electro-depositable metals. Copper, gold and silver have proven themselves. The NanoWired process for producing the nanowires is carried out on both components to be joined. Afterwards, the components are only pressed together to connect them. Heating and curing are not necessary.
The compression (KlettWelding) can be carried out on electronic components with commercially available mounting devices or FlipChip bonders, higher forces and high temperatures are just as little required as aggressive fluxes. Due to their small diameter, the individual wires are connected, similar to cold welding. The resulting connection is very good electrical and thermal conductivity combined with high mechanical strength.


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