eADMET offers unique QSAR and QSPR based predictions tools for small molecules.

Reliable and highly accurate prediction - Error estimation, validated proprietary approach to applicability domain oInformation about limitations of prediction model - Explore chemical space more effectively - ability to process large datasets (>100.000 molecules - Integration with existing 3rd party tools (i.e. Oracle, Chemaxon, Knime, PipelinePilot - Integration of structure-based and ligand-based methods

eADMET GmbH is specialized in the development of tools for physicochemical and ADME/Tox property predictions. The lead product is a highly scalabe web-based solution for data storage, integration, interpretation and QSAR/QSPR model creation.

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    Ascenion coaches spin-off from the Helmholtz Zentrum München

    The Helmholtz Zentrum München and its technology transfer partner Ascenion helped get a new start-up off the ground: eADMET GmbH. The chemoinformatics company develops and commercializes new IT solutions for the prediction of physical and ADME/Tox (‘drug-like’) properties of new potential m ... more