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DeepMatter Group Plc is a big data and analysis company which has built a platform - DigitalGlassware™, focused on enabling reproducibility in chemistry. It continues to develop this software to deliver applications resulting in new optimised chemicals, materials and formulations in such commercially significant areas as pharmaceutical research, fine chemicals, scientific publications and teaching. DeepMatter is at the forefront of the digitization of chemistry, which will ultimately see the enabling of an autonomous synthesis engine, the Chemputer™.

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    DeepMatter to acquire InfoChem GmbH from Springer Nature

    DeepMatter, the AIM-listed company focusing on digitizing chemistry, announce that it has agreed to acquire from global publisher Springer Nature the entire issued share capital of Infochem GmbH, a specialist in cheminformatics, for a total consideration of approximately €2.0 million to be ... more

    Robot chemist discovers new molecules and reactions

    A new type of artificial-intelligence-driven chemistry could revolutionise the way molecules are discovered, scientists claim. Chemists from the University of Glasgow discuss how they have trained an artificially-intelligent organic chemical synthesis robot  to automatically explore a very ... more