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To introduce anti-fouling properties on the plastic surface we use a hydrophilic polymer, which is non-toxic and biocompatible. The polymer is applied on the substrate through fast and efficient dip- or spray coating.

By simple UV-irradiation parts of our polymer react with the plastic surface, so that a permanent attachment of the coating is ensured. The process is fast, cost-efficient and not detrimental to the used material.

The hydrophilic surface finishing is suitable for various plastic substrates and renders the surface antibacterial through anti-adherence activity. Thus biofilm formation can be significantly reduced.

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    New Coating for Plastics to Fight Bacteria off

    The start-up Flux Polymers, which has its roots at the University of Würzburg, offers a simple and easy solution to keep plastic surfaces free of bacteria. Recently, it has found an investor and can now start its operational business. In clinics and medical practices, it is crucial to work ... more