About Toxys

Toxys is global leading expert that develops and offers a broad spectrum of unique animal-free laboratory tests for the safety assessment of novel medicines, chemicals, cosmetics and food. We are experts in the fields of genotoxicity, developmental toxicology and mechanistic toxicity testing. We develop assays with the focus on understanding the mode-of-action of toxic compounds. Our ToxTracker® assay accurately identifies genotoxic compounds, ReproTracker® detects developmental toxicity and the ToxProfiler™ assay provides a broad toxicity profile of compounds. Our unique assays provide relevant information to avoid compounds failing at a late stage of development due to unforeseen toxicity.

We aim to bring information to our customers that is essential to make informed decisions on which compounds to progress in drug/compound development, thereby contributing to the development of better medicines and products and to reduce animal testing. Every novel chemical compound that is developed by pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics or food companies has to be rigorously tested for human health hazards before being considered safe for marketing. Current in vitro toxicity tests, which are an essential part of compound risk assessment, often suffer from a low predictive value and lack the possibility to provide insight into the mode-of-action of toxic compounds. To address these unmet needs, Toxys offers a diverse portfolio of in vitro assays that provide mode-of-action information on toxic compounds and provide information relevant to human health.

The assays are used for early compound screening, follow-up testing and mode-of-action assessment, potency ranking and chemical read-across and are particularly useful in weight-of-evidence (WoE) and adverse outcome pathway (AOP) approaches for chemical safety assessment. Toxys is internationally recognised for its scientific expertise, high-quality results and responsiveness.

Facts about Toxys
  • Founding: 2014
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Laboratory analysis / Laboratory measurement technology

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