About Strand Life Sciences

Strand Life Sciences is a Bangalore-based bioinformatics company founded in 2000 by entrepreneurs from the Indian Institute of Science.

Strand's mission is to support precision medicine across the entire R&D lifecycle, from the lab to the clinic to data analysis. To that end, Strand has developed tools, platforms and services that span these disciplines.

Key achievements include a cutting edge NGS liquid biopsy assay for early detection of oral cancer from saliva; a knowledge-base for interpretation of solid tumor and heme variants with over 500 genes, 20,000 variants, 110 FDA drugs and 80,000 clinical trials; a CAP and NABL-accredited genomics lab that has tested ≈10,000 samples in oncology, germline cancer, and rare diseases; Strand NGS, a software platform for secondary and tertiary analysis of NGS data; StrandOmics, a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based platform for germline and somatic variant interpretation and reporting, used to generate clinical reports on all the ≈10,000 samples tested in our labs; and StrandIris, a fully automated, HIPAA-compliant cloud solution for interpretation and reporting of somatic variants.

Underpinning these achievements is a strong track record of delivery on software development, assay development and biomarker studies projects with leading US-based instrument, diagnostics, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, a customer-base spanning ≈200 academics and diagnostics companies, and ≈25,000 citations of products developed at Strand since 2005.

Facts about Strand Life Sciences
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : IT

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