About Velox Barchitta Srl

Since 1929 Velox Barchitta has been active in the industry of "cleaning" and from us is also the first dishwasher in Italy. Velox was a family business from the beginning and, through the company founder Dr. Antonio Barchitta, recognized very early a new market in the industrialization of washing and cleaning. Subsequently, a close collaboration with the Bartolini company from Paris was sought and designed. In 1929 the model with the movable basket was given to the then Pope Pius XI, who in turn donated it to a seminary, where the machine actually worked until 1979. From this model, the company continuously confronted the needs of the market and was always able to offer new and intelligent solutions.

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Facts about Velox Barchitta Srl
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Production technology

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