About Cyclize

Innovative plasma sources for chemical recycling, CO2-splitting, and gas reforming

The term ‘decarbonization’ is not used within the chemical industry, because carbon cannot be replaced in products like plastics – instead, the goal is ‘defossilization’: The renouncement from fossil carbon sources.

Cyclize helps to close this value chain into a circular carbon economy. Our plasma technology will allow the reforming of waste plastics into new intermediate chemicals, which ultimately are used to create new products. This approach has the potential to mitigate CO2 emissions as well as plastic waste pollution. Depending on the desired product, our process can even be carbon negative by using carbon dioxide as feedstock. Thereby, it helps companies reach emission goals and replaced fossil feedstock like natural gas or oil.

Facts about Cyclize
  • Founding: 2023
  • Focus : Service
  • Employees: 1-10
  • Industry : Chemistry

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