About Nikon Metrology

Nikon provides a variety of products, services, and solutions worldwide, based on advanced opto-electronics and precision technologies cultivated during the company’s more than 100 years of history. To meet the diversifying and sophisticated needs with solid technical capabilities, we have established a flexible Monodzukuri (manufacturing) system throughout the Nikon Group.

Introducing Nikon Industrial Metrology

Nikon will continue to create new values that contribute to the enrichment of daily life and society by supporting the development of imaging culture, the realization of a super-smart society, the improvement of quality of life, and manufacturing in a wide variety of forms.

The strategy of the corporation’s Industrial Metrology Business Unit (IMBU) over the coming decades is to continue moving forward in lockstep with customers around the world, taking cooperation to the next level in order to co-create innovative metrology solutions that are unrivalled. To this end, cradle-to-grave business relationships with customers are paramount.

The days of simply delivering a metrology product are long gone. The key point is that IMBU delivers integrated, optimised, ultra-high precision solutions that are not only customised and cost-effective but also work extremely well as soon as they are implemented; and the business unit constantly strives together with customers to improve them further.

A recent development under Nikon’s Digital Manufacturing banner is closer cooperation between IMBU and the corporation’s Digital Solutions Business Unit (DSBU), which has launched the Lasermeister series of optical processing machines. They are capable of both additive and subtractive machining of a wide variety of materials to sub-micron surface finish. This level of accuracy is well suited to the manufacture of high precision components, as well as to micro fabrication of precision dies and linear guides requiring ultra-precise surfaces. IMBU will provide the high level of metrology expertise required for these exacting applications.

Facts about Nikon Metrology
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Process analytics / process measurement technology

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