AR2i France: general labware and chromatography instruments

The company AR2i resells general labware and chromatography instruments (Thin-Layer Chromatography) in France, Germany and almost worldwide.

We have a full range of high-quality products: TLC equipment from deposit to quantitative devices (cf. Chromimage® and Derivapress® description), accessories and consumables for gas and liquid chromatography, glassware and various analytical apparatus, filtration and special papers, tubings, etc. Our customers are mostly laboratory of chemistry, biology, biochemistry, environmental analysis and universities, government laboratory, etc.

Quality of service, quick order processing and competitive prices are our core values.

One of our best products is the UV scanner Chromimage®, a first-choice instrument for TLC images digitization, qualitative and quantitative analysis.

We are searching for international distributors to resell the TLC products.

For any request, please contact us.

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