HiperScan GmbH

Customized NIR Solutions for your Business


HiperScan is specialized in near-infrared (NIR) analysis systems and was founded as a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems. The core technology is the cost-effective micro-scanning-mirrors, so called MEMS, which are based on the scanning-grating-technology. They are used to produce smaller, faster, more cost-effective and innovative analysers. HiperScan strives to bring NIR analysis to business sectors for which it was previously too costly and to small/medium-sized enterprises. For example, HiperScan developed the NIR-analysis system “Apo-Ident” especially for the identification of pharmaceutical raw materials in pharmacies. The analyser “Finder SD” matches the needs of industrial purposes and is able to perform qualitative as well as quantitative analysis, for example for quality control in the incoming goods area or during production. Further NIR applications of HiperScan reach into the fields of pharmaceutical industry and drug counterfeit as well as the monitoring of concentration of fat, protein or water in the food industry and agriculture.

Benefits of NIR-Analysis by HiperScan:

- HiperScan analysers are truly easy-to-use: we constantly strive to develop GUIs with outstanding usability.
- HiperScan develops NIRS applications. - HiperScan is a professional in developing and handling large scale chemometric models and provides appropriate validation tools.
- All applications are developed and tested to run on all analysers of a kind, so users can rely on steady transferability and reproducibility of results.
- HiperScan products and services are “Made in Germany“: expect high-quality and long-lasting devices.

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