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PowderPro AB develop, manufacture, market and sell equipment and know-how for Freeze Granulation, spray freezing and subsequent freeze drying (lyophilization or cryodesiccation). Freeze Granulation was developed in late 1980s at Swedish Ceramic Institute and it is also a development of Spray Freeze Drying (SFD) and Spray Freezing into Liquid (SFL).

Typical applications are for granulation of ceramic and metal powders, nanotechnology-nanopowders, homogeneous distribution of the active component in different materials like nanocomposites, diamond tools, catalysts, lithium-ion batteries, LED lighting, pyrotechnicals, for drying of pharmaceuticals and drugs, and for drying of biotechnology materials like proteins, enzymes and fine chemicals.

Freeze Granulation for improved granule properties compared with spray drying. Granules with no void formation, no migration of fine particles or binders, and no formation of hard dry shell.

Freeze Granulation – The Way to Optimised Powder Processing!

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