About Deuring

The company Deuring GmbH & Co KG was already founded in 1919 originally as a supplier for the textile industry. Over the decades, the requirements and business fields have changed continuously and Deuring has developed into one of the best-known and most efficient chemical wholesalers in the region.

Today, we store acids, alkalis, solvents and solids in an area of around 30,000 m2. These large storage areas enable us to process orders within 24 hours and to be very flexible in the dispatch of goods. Depending on customer requirements, we supply container sizes ranging from 20-liter canisters and 1,000-liter IBC containers to tanker truck loads of 25 tons.

Based on our experience in the operational business, we strive to continuously improve our product quality. This applies to the chemicals we procure, process and deliver, as well as to our services in the areas of warehousing & logistics and in our in-house laboratory.

Facts about Deuring
  • Founding: 1919
  • Focus : Distributor
  • Industry : Chemistry

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