About Cathay Packing & Sealing

CPS is a Sino American Joint Venture located in Zhejiang,China.It covers an area of 132000sq.m with construction area 75,000sq.m and 410 employees in total, 17.8% are technicians;1200 units(sets) of special production equipment.

·It is the professional manufacturer and supplier of (1) Mechanical Packings:made from expanded flexible graphite,Teflon,aramid fiber,carbon fiber, synthetic fiber,ramie fiber,flax,glass fiber,ceramic fiber,asbestos,etc.

(2) Gaskets Sheet:Expanded Flexible Graphite,Non-Asbestos Compressed Jointing Sheet,Virgin and Modify PTFE Sheet,Asbestos Jointing Sheet.

(3) Industrial Gaskets: Non-Metallic Gaskets made from Elastomers,Cork-Elastomers,Calenderered Fiber, PTFE,Expanded flexible Graphite. Semi-Metallic Gaskets: Spiral Wound Gaskets,Kammprofile Gaskets,Metal Jacketed Gaskets,Reinforced Expanded Graphite Gaskets,Graphite & Compressed Fiber Eyeleted Gaskets,Corrugated Metal Gaskets with Graphite & PTFE sealing layers, Metallic Gaskets:Metal Ring Joint Gaskets-R,RX,BX Series made from Soft Iron, Low Carbon Steel,F5,SS304,SS316 Etc.

(4) PTFE Sealing Products: E-PTFE Joint Sealant,Virgin and Modify PTFE Rod, Tube,Skived Sheet,Flat Cut Gaskets, Envelops Gaskets,PTFE Ball Vale Seat & Sealing Gaskets,PTFE film.

(5) High Temperature Insulation Fabric:Made from glass fiber and ceramic fiber

·We offer you a large selection of quality products,which are supported by our strong QC team,we have committed our quality system to the ISO9001 certification (approved by ANSI_RAB National Accreditation,Certificate No.B00B002).The company is equipped with some of most modern producing and testing equipment complying with international standards.

Facts about Cathay Packing & Sealing
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Production technology

Product portfolio of Cathay Packing & Sealing

Product portfolio

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