In 1968, our founder Mr. Aurelio Almodóvar García finds an interest in the domestic market for butterfly valves. From this moment onwards he studies in depth the technical characteristics and economic advantages of this product.

To start this large initiative, which meant compromise to its founder, it was necessary to invest large amounts of capital so that a butterfly valve of excellent quality would be produced to set a new higher standard to world competition. Since Mr. Aurelio Almodóvar García took control of operations, the already existing plan is pushed ahead by directing the manufacture of the design, abiding to the international construction norms, manufacturing of the range, material and actuator selections, etc., until the most rigorous tests are passed, making the most severe critics happy. Two years later he would be rewarded for such an enterprise through the birth of the brand name "VAMEIN" and the foundation of "VAMEIN DE ESPAÑA, S.A." with 100 % Spanish capital.

As demand for our butterfly valve and its actuators was increasing in all five continents and due to the forecasts made by our founding president towards the XXI century, in addition to the daily innovations incorporated with upmost precision and perfection, we keep our hierarchy of values at a top level to completely satisfy our customer's aspirations.

Throughout the world, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, ASIA, EUROPE and SOUTH AMERICA, the VAMEIN butterfly valve has been able to maintain its constant presence as well as its prestige at the same time as rising above global industrial and business policy due to Mr Aurelio Almodóvar Garcia's philosophy, which his heirs are to carry on and gain experience from, taking on challenges from the future of the valve business and abiding to four main points: RELIABILITY, GUARRANTY, QUALITY and PRICE.

Facts about VAMEIN
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Production technology

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