About Chemiczne Organika-Sarzyna

Z. Ch. "Organika-Sarzyna" in Nowa Sarzyna, set up in 1937, in effect of commercialisation were transformed by Minister of Treasury into a State-owned company and since 1 January 2001 started activity in a new legal form with an open future to further transformations. The step had been preceded with intensive years of restructuring, organisation and employment, now completed with success.

On 15th September 2005 Nafta Polska S.A. registered an increase in capital by 80% of shares of Z.CH. "Organika-Sarzyna" S.A. As from that date, the Company is no longer a State-owned company. On 15th December 2005 a procedure of providing eligible employees with 15% of shares in the Company was started. In the meantime, Nafta Polska S.A. — in accordance with the approved timetable — has been privatising companies in the group of Great Chemical Synthesis, which also includes "Organika-Sarzyna". On 20th December 2006 the agreement on sale of 80% of shares in Z. Ch. "Organika-Sarzyna" S.A. by Nafta Polska S.A. to investor Ciech S.A. (located in Warsaw) came into force. At present "Organika-Sarzyna" is a part of Capital Group Ciech S.A.

The ruling bodies of the Company is General Meeting of Shareholders, Supervisory Board and Management Board. The Company is managed collectively by the Management Board.

Facts about Chemiczne Organika-Sarzyna
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Chemistry

Product portfolio of Chemiczne Organika-Sarzyna

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