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Grace Davison Discovery Sciences are the premier manufacturer of media for Flash, HPLC, Process chromatography, and more. We help laboratories optimize their time and improve their results with our high quality HPLC, UHPLC and Prep LC columns, our award-winning Reveleris Flash™ Chromatography system with advanced detection capabilities, and our full range of supporting accessories, standards, and other equipment. W.R. Grace has manufactured high-quality silica gel since 1923. We have been behind the scenes for the past 30 years supplying silica to the chromatography industry. Now we're in the forefront moving beyond silica, developing and delivering innovative complementary products direct to the customer. We invite you to discover how our comprehensive portfolio of products will solve your chromatography challenges. We look forward to continuing to serve your chromatography needs.

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    BASF completes divestiture of global Polyolefin Catalysts business

    BASF has closed the previously announced transaction to divest its global Polyolefin Catalysts business to W. R. Grace & Co.. The relevant merger control approvals have already been granted. Included in the transaction are technologies, patents, trademarks and the transfer of BASF’s product ... more

    BASF to divest global Polyolefin Catalysts business

    BASF has signed an agreement to sell its global Polyolefin Catalysts business to W.R. Grace & Co. Currently, the Polyolefin Catalysts business is part of BASF’s Catalysts division. BASF and Grace intend to complete the transaction in the third quarter of 2016. The targeted transaction inclu ... more

    Cummings, Gulyas Elected to Grace Board of Directors

    W. R. Grace & Co.announced that its Board of Directors has elected two new members - Robert F. Cummings, Jr., and Diane H. Gulyas. Their election increases the board from eight to 10 members. Both will be up for re-election at Grace’s annual meeting. Cummings has more than 30 years of inves ... more

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    Grace Davison Discovery Sciences

    Trust your chromatography results to Grace , the premier manufacturer of silica-based media for SPE, Flash, HPLC, and Process chromatography. We help pharmaceutical labs in all stages of drug discovery to optimize their time and improve their results through our decades of experience in sil ... more