Koehler Paper SE


Koehler Innovative Solutions is a contract manufacturer creating microencapsulation solutions from innovative ideas.
Our parent company, the Koehler Paper Group, has been producing more than 10,000 tons of microcapsules per year for the production of carbonless paper for nearly 50 years. With our comprehensive know-how in microencapsulation, customers receive support throughout the entire process from product development to contract manufacturing.
Four Milestones from the idea to large-scale production
1. Function and specification of the capsule
2. Laboratory scale: selection and formulation of the capsule material
3. Pilot Scale: Optimization and Scale Up
4. Production: test production on an industrial scale
Modern equipment and a superbly equipped analytic department ensure reproducible process conditions and a constant product quality. Koehler Innovative Solutions offers various production capacities from lab to small scale to bulk manufacturing running on 3 shifts 24/7.

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