LABOMATIC Instruments AG

individual. customized. focused.


Since 1979 LABOMATIC Instruments AG is a successful, medium-sized company located in Allschwil, Basel-Land in Switzerland and specializes in two main areas:

Liquid Chromatography (LC) and Liquid Handling Systems (LH). Specialized in high performance systems of preparative medium and high pressure liquid chromatography, our modern MPLC and HPLC systems and liquid handling systems are used in many areas of chemistry and life sciences. Our technology innovations set standards for preparative HPLC or MPLC and in liquid handling.

Analytical, Medical and Fluid Handling Systems (AMF) Labomatic develops, manufactures and distributes an extensive range of fluoropolymer assemblies as well as PVC/PUR fluid handling systems with specified tubing and fitting systems for individual customer needs in the fields of analytical and medical diagnostics. In doing so, we worked closely with leading manufacturers and users of laboratory equipment and supported our customers already in the development phase.

Labomatic is characterized above all by unique selling propositions in the production of complex and customer-specific solutions in laboratory technology. The company counts important pharmaceutical and chemical companies among its customers, who have trusted and greatly appreciated the high quality of the products, service and know-how for decades.

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