Infinium Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd.


We, M/s. Infinium Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd.( GMP Compliance and FDA , ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED Manufacturing CO.) was incorporated in year 2003, with manufacturing facilities and Corporate Headquarter at Gujarat, INDIA.

At Infinium Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd., we are well focused to Iodine chemistry & this is the only core area of ours. Hence, we are working as CRAMS (Custom Research And Manufacturing Services) provider, but our domain is very restricted to Iodine chemistry & it revolves around Iodine derivatives or Iodination. It is also reflected in our Product List. We manufacture & supply range of Iodine derivatives, but on Order To Made basis only. However, we keep in ready stock many of well demanded products on regular basis.

You are always welcome with demand of any new iodine based compounds or other products. We can develop and supply the same specifically / strictly as per your requirement and application. We are even ready to sign Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for development of rarely available compound.

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