SOPAT - specialist for inline particle measurement


SOPAT develops and sells photo-optical and image-based analysis measurement technology that quantitatively characterizes particulate multi-phase systems. In combination with our hardware, real time analysis of particle size distribution and characteristics is made possible with the innovative SOPAT software.

Our goal is to produce particle measurement systems tailor made for our customers that allow for the early detection of trends and efficient process optimization. This advantage leads to time and personnel cost reductions that increase product quality as well as considerably reduce waste.

Whether the system contains emulsions, crystallization, or polymerization, diverse applications are possible with our innovative particle size analysis technology, be it concentration, size, form, or distribution. Measurements occur inline during the production process, so neither sampling nor dilution is necessary. This guarantees that the sample is neither changed on the way to the laboratory, nor must production be stopped.

Various particle types can be simultaneously analyzed through direct visual access to the product, be it bubbles, drops, solids, biological cells, crystals, etc...

Our expertise, your gain:

• Inline measurement

• Real time control of production processes

• Differentiated particle analysis

• Process optimization

• Quality control

• … even under extreme conditions (pressure, temperature, etc.)!

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