For some years, MAGUIN S.A.S., till then exclusively dedicated to sugar industry, has initiated a diversification of its activities from its business and know-how.

Nowadays, MAGUIN S.A.S. develops industrial processes and solutions, from conception to implementation on four main activities :

- Beet sugar, - Drying of organic and mineral products, - Alcohol and Fuel-Ethanol, - Incineration of industrial and hospital wastes.

MAGUIN S.A.S. supplies to its customers :

* Experience : with many technological inputs in the various business fields. * Innovations : washing drums in sugar industry, molecular sieves in alcohol fields, thermal treatment of animal feed incineration, drying belts and rotary drums dryers. * Performance guarantees : capacities, energetic consumption, effluents, quality criteria based on a solid experience. * Services : After-sales and spare parts service. Financial engineering. Feasibility and prospective project. * Know-how : Conception and manufacturing of rotary tubes.

MAGUIN S.A.S. is one of the two poles of activities of MORET INDUSTRIES group in Saint-Quentin (02), also dedicated to industrial pumps.

Facts about MAGUIN
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Production technology

Product portfolio of MAGUIN

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