Nicomac srl


Nicomac have 4 lines of products:

NCS Nicomatic Coating System combines a unique design with unmatched coating equipment performance, high technology and versatility for today's ever-evolving pharmaceutical and confectionery processing field.

HI HIPHARMA Clean Room line is Nicomac's answer to the high quality standard required by Pharmaceutical-Electronic industry. Our clean rooms system combine quality and innovation at a competitive price. Walls - Doors - False Ceiling Accessories: the most advanced wall system in the marketplace.

NGL Granulation line - A complete line of granulation machinery for a turn-key supply: Dispensing Room, Granulation , Handling, Mixing.

LST Sterilizing Equipment - The most advanced and world leader stoppers processor equipment: Washing - Siliconizing - Sterilizing - Drying in one machine. Autoclaves. Dry Heat sterilizers.