About Fedegari Autoclavi

The main driving force behind FEDEGARI's reputation as one of the very few worldwide trendsetters in the manufacture of sterilizers and plants for processes using dense-phase fluids in the inexhaustible originality imposed by its founders Fortunato and Giampiero Fedegari since the company was established in the early 50s.

From those early days Fedegari has retained its craftsmanship, which today allows great flexibility, and has combined it with the requirements of a leading-edge industrial system.

Likewise, the main driving force behind the past and present unique originality of design of FEDEGARI's machines, plants and components, which increases their reliability, is the continuous collaboration with key customers and subsuppliers, seen as veritable "co-producers". They have allowed the company to enhance and acquire in-depth knowledge without which today's results would have been unattainable.

Facts about Fedegari Autoclavi
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Laboratory equipment / supplies

Product portfolio of Fedegari Autoclavi

Product portfolio

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