About JKF Industri

Today, JKF's Danish factory site and head office of the group cover more than 25,000 m² of contemporary and modern administration, development and production facilities as well as manufacturing plants at its subsidiaries in Malaysia and Poland. JKF develops and manufactures a complete programme of high-quality components for process extraction systems. The product assortment comprises filters, separators, fan systems, a standard duct programme galv. 1, 2 and 3 mm, a stainless duct programme and specialised products as well as accessories. JKF delivers clean air to a wide range of industries within the fields of woodwork, agriculture, metal, paper, plastic, recycling, food, textile, medicine and building/construction. JKF is accredited with ISO certificates as confirmation of its quality assurance procedures; ISO 9001 documents total quality, ISO 14001 the environment and ISO 18001 health and safety. JKF's fundamental values are its knowledgeable and skilled employees, quality in all stages, flawless supply and service as well as local anchoring.

Facts about JKF Industri
  • Focus : Manufacturer
  • Industry : Production technology

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