BRAND. For lab. For life.


BRAND is an independent family business headquartered in Germany with close to 70 years of experience and a trusted partner and reference in the lab. Researchers and lab professionals around the world work with BRAND products in the life sciences, pharma, chemistry and process analytics.

The premium quality of BRAND products makes lab work simple, easy and efficient. This promise is delivered with products such as Transferpette® S micropipettes, BRAND pipette tips, the Liquid Handling Station pipetting robot, Dispensette® S bottle-top dispensers and BLAUBRAND® volumetric instruments.

BRAND provides first class product and application support and technical service with R&D and manufacturing in Germany and sales, service and logistics centers in Germany, the United States, China, India and the United Kingdom as well as a qualified sales and service teams in many other countries. BRAND is also partner of selected distributors around the world.

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