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  • BASF: Glysantin Strengthens Market Presence in Middle and Eastern Europe

    Glysantin® is strengthening its market presence in Middle and Eastern Europe with two new partnerships with Romtec in Romania and Top Oil Services in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This was announced on October 12 in Bucharest, Romania. Romtec, one of the leading manufacturers of automotive fluids more

  • BASF increases prices for automotive fluids globally

    With immediate effect, or as contracts allow, BASF is increasing the sales prices globally for all coolants, brake fluids and specialty fluids by up to 400 Euro (or the equivalent in other currencies) per metric ton. The price adjustments are necessary due to significantly increased raw material co more

  • INEOS Enterprises Completes Acquisition of Full Shareholding in IACC, Thailand

    INEOS Enterprises has completed its acquisition of the full shareholding in IACC (INEOS Asiatic Chemical Company Limited) in Bangpoo, Thailand. This means that the former joint venture is now wholly INEOS owned. The deal was first announced in February 2008, under which INEOS Enterprises has now se more

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Entrained air in coolant fluids

Entrained air in coolant fluids Entrained Air/Dissolved Air(Foam) in Coolants & other fluids Entrained and dissolved air that are present in coolants (machine tool industry), oils (cutting tools & hydraulics) and solutions used in paper/ ... more


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