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  • In-depth insights into glass corrosion

    Silicate glass has many applications, including the use as a nuclear waste form to immobilize radioactive elements from spent fuel. However, it has one disadvantage - it corrodes when it comes into contact with aqueous solutions. Scientists at the University of Bonn were able to observe in detail wh more

  • Rust never sleeps

    Like iron flowing through the blood stream, iron minerals course through the ground. These minerals are used to make steel and other metal alloys used in everything from cell phone components and cars to buildings, industrial equipment and infrastructure. Unfortunately, when exposed to oxygen and mo more

  • Fluid-inspired material self-heals before your eyes

    It's hard to believe that a tiny crack could take down a gigantic metal structure. But sometimes bridges collapse, pipelines rupture and fuselages detach from airplanes due to hard-to-detect corrosion in tiny cracks, scratches and dents. A Northwestern University team has developed a new coating str more

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How seawater strengthens Roman concrete

The ancient Romans had a recipe for concrete that won't corrode in seawater. Scientists are trying to figure it out. more

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Fighting Corrosion in Power Plants

Corrosion problems at power plants cost billions of dollars annually. Materials expenditure and loss of integrity and reliability are only part of the cost. The gradual loss of efficiency as corrosion products build up on heat-transfer surfaces gradually causes deterioration of heat rate and competi

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  • SkinEthic Laboratories - Strategic SWOT Analysis Review

    SkinEthic Laboratories (Skinethic) tissue engineering developing company. It carries out the production of standardized human skin and mucous membranes, which are used for in-vitro tests. The company product offerings include reconstructed human epidermis, reconstructed human epidermis with melanocy more

  • Global Fiber Glass Market Report: 2010 Edition

    Introduction Fiber Glass means a group of products made from individual glass fibers combined into a variety of forms. Mainly, glass fibers can be divided into two major groups: composites and insulated. Fiber Glass being lightweight, durable, anti corrosive, efficient carrier and a versatile mater more



Corrosion Corrosion is breaking down of essential properties in a material due to reactions with its surroundings. In the most common use of the word, this means a loss of an electron of metal s reacting with water and oxygen . Weakening of ... more


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