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E-Lyte Innovations GmbH, Germany

Our company was founded in May 2019, as a start-up, from the battery research center MEET of the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität (WWU) Münster. Furthermore, E-Lyte is funded by the pre-seed program EXIST Forschungstransfer, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Energy and Economics an more

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Innovative materials for the Battery production

Innovative Battery materials for the development of high-performance, reliable and cost-effective Li-ion batteries more

News Electrolytes

  • Flexing crystalline structures provide path to a solid energy future

    A team of researchers at Duke University and their collaborators have uncovered the atomic mechanisms that make a class of compounds called argyrodites attractive candidates for both solid-state battery electrolytes and thermoelectric energy converters. The discoveries—and the machine learning appro more

  • An electric vehicle battery for all seasons

    Many owners of electric vehicles worry about how effective their battery will be in very cold weather. Now a new battery chemistry may have solved that problem. In current lithium-ion batteries, the main problem lies in the liquid electrolyte. This key battery component transfers charge-carrying par more

  • CO₂ recycling: What is the role of the electrolyte?

    The greenhouse gas carbon dioxide can be converted into useful hydrocarbons by electrolysis. The design of the electrolysis cell is crucial in this process. The so-called zero-gap cell is particularly suitable for industrial processes. But there are still problems: The cathodes clog up quickly. At t more

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Developing Advanced Lithium Ion Batteries

Today’s graphic takes a look at the research of Kent Griffith (@kentjgriffith), a PhD student from the University of Cambridge who’s currently looking into developing advanced lithium ion batteries to power our phones, laptops, and more. more



Electrolyte An electrolyte is any substance containing free ion s that behaves as an electrically conductive medium. Because they generally consist of ions in solution, electrolytes are also known as ionic solutions, but molten electrolytes and ... more


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