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ATC code D07

A section of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System.

D Dermatologicals


D07A Corticosteroids, plain

D07AA Corticosteroids, weak (group I)

D07AA01 Methylprednisolone
D07AA02 Hydrocortisone
D07AA03 Prednisolone

D07AB Corticosteroids, moderately potent (group II)

D07AB01 Clobetasone
D07AB02 Hydrocortisone butyrate
D07AB03 Flumetasone
D07AB04 Fluocortin
D07AB05 Fluperolone
D07AB06 Fluorometholone
D07AB07 Fluprednidene
D07AB08 Desonide
D07AB09 Triamcinolone
D07AB10 Alclometasone
D07AB11 Hydrocortisone buteprate
D07AB19 Dexamethasone
D07AB21 Clocortolone
D07AB30 Combinations of corticosteroids

D07AC Corticosteroids, potent (group III)

D07AC01 Betamethasone
D07AC02 Fluclorolone
D07AC03 Desoximetasone
D07AC04 Fluocinolone acetonide
D07AC05 Fluocortolone
D07AC06 Diflucortolone
D07AC07 Fludroxycortide
D07AC08 Fluocinonide
D07AC09 Budesonide
D07AC10 Diflorasone
D07AC11 Amcinonide
D07AC12 Halometasone
D07AC13 Mometasone furoate
D07AC14 Methylprednisolone aceponate
D07AC15 Beclometasone
D07AC16 Hydrocortisone aceponate
D07AC17 Fluticasone
D07AC18 Prednicarbate
D07AC19 Difluprednate
D07AC21 Ulobetasol

D07AD Corticosteroids, very potent (group IV)

D07AD01 Clobetasol
D07AD02 Halcinonide

D07B Corticosteroids, combinations with antiseptics

D07BA Corticosteroids, weak, combinations with antiseptics

D07BA01 Prednisolone and antiseptics
D07BA04 Hydrocortisone and antiseptics

D07BB Corticosteroids, moderately potent, combinations with antiseptics

D07BB01 Flumetasone and antiseptics
D07BB02 Desonide and antiseptics
D07BB03 Triamcinolone and antiseptics
D07BB04 Hydrocortisone butyrate and antiseptics

D07BC Corticosteroids, potent, combinations with antiseptics

D07BC01 Betamethasone and antiseptics
D07BC02 Fluocinolone acetonide and antiseptics
D07BC03 Fluocortolone and antiseptics
D07BC04 Diflucortolone and antiseptics

D07BD Corticosteroids, very potent, combinations with antiseptics

D07C Corticosteroids, combinations with antibiotics

D07CA Corticosteroids, weak, combinations with antibiotics

D07CA01 Hydrocortisone and antibiotics
D07CA02 Methylprednisolone and antibiotics
D07CA03 Prednisolone and antibiotics

D07CB Corticosteroids, moderately potent, combinations with antibiotics

D07CB01 Triamcinolone and antibiotics
D07CB02 Fluprednidene and antibiotics
D07CB03 Fluorometholone and antibiotics
D07CB04 Dexamethasone and antibiotics
D07CB05 Flumetasone and antibiotics

D07CC Corticosteroids, potent, combinations with antibiotics

D07CC01 Betamethasone and antibiotics
D07CC02 Fluocinolone acetonide and antibiotics
D07CC03 Fludroxycortide and antibiotics
D07CC04 Beclometasone and antibiotics
D07CC05 Fluocinonide and antibiotics
D07CC06 Fluocortolone and antibiotics

D07CD Corticosteroids, very potent, combinations with antibiotics

D07CD01 Clobetasol and antibiotics

D07X Corticosteroids, other combinations

D07XA Corticosteroids, weak, other combinations

D07XA01 Hydrocortisone
D07XA02 Prednisolone

D07XB Corticosteroids, moderately potent, other combinations

D07XB01 Flumetasone
D07XB02 Triamcinolone
D07XB03 Fluprednidene
D07XB04 Fluorometholone
D07XB05 Dexamethasone
D07XB30 Combinations of corticosteroids

D07XC Corticosteroids, potent, other combinations

D07XC01 Betamethasone
D07XC02 Desoximetasone
D07XC03 Mometasone
D07XC04 Diflucortolone

D07XD Corticosteroids, very potent, other combinations

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