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ATC code V04

A section of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System.

V Various


V04B Urine tests

V04C Other diagnostic agents

V04CA Tests for diabetes

V04CA01 Tolbutamide
V04CA02 Glucose

V04CB Tests for fat absorption

V04CB01 Vitamin A concentrates

V04CC Tests for bile duct patency

V04CC01 Sorbitol
V04CC02 Magnesium sulfate
V04CC03 Sincalide
V04CC04 Ceruletide

V04CD Tests for pituitary function

V04CD01 Metyrapone
V04CD03 Sermorelin
V04CD04 Corticorelin
V04CD05 Somatorelin

V04CE Tests for liver functional capacity

V04CE01 Galactose
V04CE02 Sulfobromophthalein

V04CF Tuberculosis diagnostics

V04CF01 Tuberculin

V04CG Tests for gastric secretion

V04CG01 Cation exchange resins
V04CG02 Betazole
V04CG03 Histamine phosphate
V04CG04 Pentagastrin
V04CG05 Methylthioninium chloride
V04CG30 Caffeine and sodium benzoate

V04CH Tests for renal function

V04CH01 Inulin and other polyfructosans
V04CH02 Indigo carmine
V04CH03 Phenolsulfonphthalein
V04CH04 Alsactide
V04CH30 Aminohippuric acid

V04CJ Tests for thyreoidea function

V04CJ01 Thyrotropin
V04CJ02 Protirelin

V04CK Tests for pancreatic function

V04CK01 Secretin
V04CK02 Pancreozymin (cholecystokinin)
V04CK03 Bentiromide

V04CL Tests for allergic diseases

V04CM Tests for fertility disturbances

V04CM01 Gonadorelin

V04CX Other diagnostic agents

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