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Arden Buck Equation

The Arden Buck Equation is an equation describing the saturation vapor pressure of water at various temperatures. It is based on more recent experiments than the Goff-Gratch equation.

A set of several equations were developed, each of which is applicable in a different situation.

The one suggested for common use in 1996[citation needed] is:

p_w = 6.1121 \exp\left( \frac{(18.678 - T / 234.5) T}{257.14 + T} \right)


pw is the saturation vapor pressure (hPa)
exp is the exponential function
T is the air temperature in degrees Celsius


Buck, A. L., New equations for computing vapor pressure and enhancement factor, J. Appl. Meteorol., 20, 1527-1532, 1981

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The pdf of the article originally published by Buck

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