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Band I

Band I is the name of a radio frequency range within the very high frequency part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Band I ranges from 47 to 88 MHz, and it is primarily used for radio and television broadcasting.

Channel spacings vary from country to country, with spacings of 6, 7 and 8 MHz being common.

Worldwide Usage

In the UK, Band I was originally used for monochrome 405-line television. However this system was discontinued in the mid 1980s. Some European countries still use Band I for higher definition colour television, although this is now being gradually phased out.

In the United States, use of the band for colour television broadcasts is still widespread.

North America

The band is subdivided into five channels for television broadcasting, each occupying 6 MHz (System M).

Channel Frequency Range
254-60 MHz
360-66 MHz
466-72 MHz
576-82 MHz
682-88 MHz

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