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Copper(I) cyanide

Copper(I) cyanide (CuCN), also copper cyanide, cuprous cyanide, or cupricin (CAS number [544-92-3], EINECS number 208-883-6) is a white to cream colored or sometimes greenish powdery solid that is insoluble in water. Its chemical formula is CuCN. It is a poison that reacts violently with magnesium. When heated to decomposition, it emits very toxic fumes containing hydrogen cyanide, but it is not flammable itself.

Additional recommended knowledge

Cuprous cyanide was used as a catalyst in polymerizations, in electroplating of copper and iron, and as insecticide, fungicide, and biocide in marine paints.

Its risk and safety phrases are R26/27/28 R32 R50/53 (S1/2) S7 S24/25 S26 S28 S29 S45 S60 S61.

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