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Systematic (IUPAC) name
2-aminoprop-2-enoic acid
PubChem         123991
Chemical data
Formula C3H5NO2 
Molar mass 87.077
Complete data

Dehydroalanine (or (alpha)-(beta)-di-dehydroalanine) is an uncommon amino acid found in peptides of microbial origin (an unsaturated amino acid).

Dehydroalanine (DHA) is also found in food protein, e.g., casein, that have been heated and/or treated with alkali (e;g., NaOH). These treatments can dehydrate serine in the protein chain. In food DHA frequently alkylates lysine to yield the crosslinking aminoacid lysinoalanine (LAL). LAL itself can be toxic, particularly to the kidney of rats.

Many dehydroalanine-containing peptides are toxic or antibiotic. They are a part of lantibiotics or microcystins.


  1. a  PubChem 123991

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