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Doping at the Olympic Games

The International Olympic Committee introduced the first doping controls at the Olympic Games in 1968. Here is the list of all the athletes disqualified from the Games for failing drug tests, with the indication of the withdrawn medal(s), if any.


Summer Olympic Games

1968 Mexico City

Main article: 1968 Summer Olympics
NameCountrySportBanned substanceMedals
Hans-Gunnar Liljenwall Sweden Modern pentathlon Alcohol bronze (team)

1972 Munich

Main article: 1972 Summer Olympics
NameCountrySportBanned substanceMedals
Bakhaavaa Buidaa Mongolia Judo Ephedrine silver (71 kg)
Miguel Coll Puerto Rico Basketball Ephedrine
Rick DeMont United States Swimming Ephedrine gold (400 m freestyle)
Jaime Huelamo Spain Cycling Coramine bronze (individual road race)
Walter Legel Austria Weightlifting Amphetamine
Mohamad Nasehi Arjomond Iran Weightlifting Ephedrine
Aad van der Hoeck Netherlands Cycling Coramine bronze (100 km team race)

1976 Montreal

Main article: 1976 Summer Olympics
NameCountrySportBanned substanceMedals
Blagoi Blagoev Bulgaria Weightlifting Anabolic steroid silver (82.5 kg)
Marc Cameron United States Weightlifting Anabolic steroid
Paul Cerutti Monaco Shooting Amphetamine
Dragomir Ciorosian Romania Weightlifting Fencanfamine
Philippe Grippaldi United States Weightlifting Anabolic steroid
Zbigniew Kaczmarek Poland Weightlifting Anabolic steroid gold (67.5 kg)
Valentin Khristov Bulgaria Weightlifting Anabolic steroid gold (100 kg)
Arne Norrback Sweden Weightlifting Anabolic steroid
Peter Pavlasek Czechoslovakia Weightlifting Anabolic steroid
Danuta Rosani Poland Athletics Anabolic steroid

1980 Moscow

Main article: 1980 Summer Olympics

No athletes were caught doping at these Games.

1984 Los Angeles

Main article: 1984 Summer Olympics
NameCountrySportBanned substanceMedals
Serafim Grammatikopoulos Greece Weightlifting Nandrolone
Vésteinn Hafsteinsson Iceland Athletics Nandrolone
Tomas Johansson Sweden Wrestling Methenolone silver (super-heavy)
Stefan Laggner Austria Weightlifting Nandrolone
Goran Petersson Sweden Weightlifting Nandrolone
Eiji Shimomura Japan Volleyball Testosterone
Mikiyasu Tanaka Japan Volleyball Ephedrine
Ahmed Tarbi Algeria Weightlifting Nandrolone
Mahmud Tarha Lebanon Weightlifting Nandrolone
Gianpaolo Urlando Italy Athletics Testosterone
Martti Vainio Finland Athletics Methenolone silver (10,000 m)
Anna Verouli Greece Athletics Nandrolone

1988 Seoul

Main article: 1988 Summer Olympics
NameCountrySportBanned substanceMedals
Alidad Afghanistan Wrestling Furosemide
Kerrith Brown Great Britain Judo Furosemide
Kalman Csengeri Hungary Weightlifting Stanozolol
Mitko Grablev Bulgaria Weightlifting Furosemide gold (56 kg)
Angell Guenchev Bulgaria Weightlifting Furosemide gold (67.5 kg)
Ben Johnson Canada Athletics Stanozolol gold (100 m)
Fernando Mariaca Spain Weightlifting Pemoline
Jorge Quesada Spain Modern pentathlon Propanolol
Andor Szanyi Hungary Weightlifting Stanozolol silver (100 kg)
Alexander Watson Australia Modern pentathlon Caffeine

1992 Barcelona

Main article: 1992 Summer Olympics
NameCountrySportBanned substanceMedals
Madina Biktagirova Unified Team Athletics Norephedrine
Bonnie Dasse United States Athletics Clenbuterol
Jud Logan United States Athletics Clenbuterol
Nijole Medvedeva Lithuania Athletics Mesocarde
Wu Dan China Volleyball Strychnine

1996 Atlanta

Main article: 1996 Summer Olympics
NameCountrySportBanned substanceMedals
Iva Prandzheva Bulgaria Athletics Metadienone
Natalya Shekhodanova Russia Athletics Stanozolol

2000 Sydney

Main article: 2000 Summer Olympics
See also: Cheating at the Paralympic Games
NameCountrySportBanned substanceMedals
Fritz Aanes Norway Wrestling Nandrolone
Ashot Danielyan Armenia Weightlifting Stanozolol bronze (105 kg)
Izabela Dragneva Bulgaria Weightlifting Diuretic gold (48 kg)
Stian Grimseth Norway Weightlifting Nandrolone
Ivan Ivanov Bulgaria Weightlifting Diuretic silver (56 kg)
Alexander Leipold Germany Wrestling Nandrolone gold (76 kg)
Sevdalin Minchev Bulgaria Weightlifting Diuretic bronze (62 kg)
Oyunbileg Purevbaatar Mongolia Wrestling Furosemide
Andreea Răducan Romania Gymnastics Ephedrine gold (individual all-round)
Andris Reinholds Latvia Rowing Nandrolone

2004 Athens

Main article: 2004 Summer Olympics
NameCountrySportBanned substanceMedals
Wafa Ammouri Morocco Weightlifting Anabolic steroid
Adrián Annus Hungary Athletics Falsified test result gold (hammer throw)
Andrew Brack Greece Baseball Stanozolol
Viktor Chislean Moldova Weightlifting Anabolic steroid
Róbert Fazekas Hungary Athletics Missed the test gold (discus throw)
Mabel Fonseca Puerto Rico Wrestling Stanozolol
Anton Galkin Russia Athletics Stanozolol
Ferenc Gyurkovics Hungary Weightlifting Oxanfrolone silver (105 kg)
Zoltan Kecskes Hungary Weightlifting Anabolic steroid
Konstantinos Kenteris Greece Athletics Missed the test
Albina Khomic Russia Weightlifting Testosterone
Aye Khine Nan Myanmar Weightlifting Anabolic steroid
Irina Korzhanenko Russia Athletics Stanozolol gold (shot put)
Zoltan Kovacs Hungary Weightlifting Missed the test
Pratima Kumari Na India Weightlifting Anabolic steroid
Aleksey Lesnichiy Belarus Athletics Clenbuterol
David Munyasia Kenya Boxing Cathine
Derek Nicholson Greece Baseball Diuretic
Cian O'Connor Ireland Equestrian Antipsychotics (to the horse Waterford Crystal) gold (individual jumping)
Olena Olefirenko Ukraine Rowing Ethamivan bronze (coxless four)
Leonidas Sampanis Greece Weightlifting Testosterone bronze (62 kg)
Thinbaijam Sanamcha Chanu India Weightlifting Furosemide
Mital Sharipov Kyrgyzstan Weightlifting Furosemide
Olga Shchukina Uzbekistan Athletics Clenbuterol
Sahbaz Sule Turkey Weightlifting Anabolic steroid
Ekaterini Thanou Greece Athletics Missed the test
Ludger Beerbaum Germany Show Jumping Betamethasone (to the horse Goldfever) gold (team jumping)

Winter Olympic Games

1968 Grenoble

Main article: 1968 Winter Olympics

No athletes were caught doping at these Games.

1972 Sapporo

Main article: 1972 Winter Olympics
NameCountrySportBanned substanceMedals
Alois Scholder West Germany Ice hockey Ephedrine

1976 Innsbruck

Main article: 1976 Winter Olympics
NameCountrySportBanned substanceMedals
Galina Kulakova Soviet Union Cross-country skiing Ephedrine bronze (5 km)
Frantisek Pospisil Czechoslovakia Ice hockey Codeine

1980 Lake Placid

Main article: 1980 Winter Olympics

No athletes were caught doping at these Games.

1984 Sarajevo

Main article: 1984 Winter Olympics
NameCountrySportBanned substanceMedals
Batsukh Purevjal Mongolia Cross-country skiing Anabolic steroid

1988 Calgary

Main article: 1988 Winter Olympics
NameCountrySportBanned substanceMedals
Jaroslaw Morawiecki Poland Ice hockey Testosterone

1992 Albertville

Main article: 1992 Winter Olympics

No athletes were caught doping at these Games.

1994 Lillehammer

Main article: 1994 Winter Olympics

No athletes were caught doping at these Games.

1998 Nagano

Main article: 1998 Winter Olympics

No athletes were caught doping at these Games.

2002 Salt Lake City

Main article: 2002 Winter Olympics
NameCountrySportBanned substanceMedals
Alain Baxter Great Britain Alpine skiing Methamphetamine bronze (slalom)
Olga Danilova Russia Cross-country skiing Darbepoetin gold (5 km pursuit)
Larisa Lazutina Russia Cross-country skiing Darbepoetin gold (30 km)
Marc Meyer Austria Cross-country skiing Use of blood transfusion equipments
Johann Mühlegg Spain Cross-country skiing Darbepoetin gold (50 km)
Vasily Pankov Belarus Ice hockey Nandrolone
Achim Walcher Austria Cross-country skiing Use of blood transfusion equipments

2006 Turin

Main article: 2006 Winter Olympics
NameCountrySportBanned substanceMedals
Olga Pyleva Russia Biathlon Carphedon silver (15km)

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