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Chemical formulaThCa2Si8O20
Molecular Weight856.87
ColorGreen, Yellow, Dark Red
CleavageDistinct on {101}
FractureBrittle, Uneven
Mohs Scale hardness4.5 - 6.5
DiaphaneityTransparent to Translucent

Ekanite is an uncommon mineral notable primarily as being among the very few gemstones that are naturally radioactive. Most ekanite is mined in Sri Lanka, although deposits also occur in Russia and North America. Clear and well-colored stones command the best prices, but such stones are rare; the mineral's radioactivity tends to degrade the crystal matrix over time in a process known as metamictization. Furthermore, ekanite can easily be misidentified as tourmaline. The market for gemstone-quality ekanite is for the moment limited to collectors.

Ekanite was first described in 1955 by F. L. D. Ekanayake.

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