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Electron affinity (data page)


Element Electron affinity
Hydrogen 72.77 Pekeris (1962). Lykke, Murray & Lineberger (1991).
Lithium 59.62 Hotop & Lineberger (1985). Dellwo et al. (1992). Haeffler et al. (1996a).
Boron 26.99 Scheer, Bilodeau & Haugen (1998).
Carbon 121.78 Scheer et al. (1998a).
Oxygen 141.004 Hotop & Lineberger (1985). Blondel (1995). Valli, Blondel & Delsart (1999).
Fluorine 328.165 Blondel et al. (1989). Blondel, Delsart & Goldfarb (2001).
Sodium 52.87 Hotop & Lineberger (1985)
Aluminium 41.86 Scheer et al. (1998b)
Silicon 134.07 Scheer et al. (1998a). Blondel, Delsart & Goldfarb (2001).
Phosphorus 72.03 Hotop & Lineberger (1985).
Sulfur 200.410 Blondel (1995).
Chlorine 349 Moore (1970).
Potassium 48.38 Slater et al. (1978). Andersson et al. (2000).
Calcium 2.37 Petrunin et al. (1996).
Scandium 18(2) Feigerle, Herman & Lineberger (1981).
Titanium 8.4(7) Ilin, Sakharov & Serenkov (1987).
Vanadium 51 Hotop & Lineberger (1985).
Chromium 65.2 Bilodeau, Scheer & Haugen (1998).
Iron 14.6(3) Leopold & Lineberger (1986).
Cobalt 64.0 Scheer et al. (1998c).
Nickel 111.6 Scheer et al. (1998c).
Copper 119.24 Bilodeau, Scheer & Haugen (1998).
Gallium 41(3) Williams et al. (1998a).
Germanium 118.94 Scheer et al. (1998a).
Arsenic 78.5(7) Lippa et al. (1998).
Selenium 194.97 Hotop & Lineberger (1985). Mansour et al. (1988).
Bromine 342.54 Blondel et al. (1989).
Rubidium 46.89 Frey, Breyer & Hotop (1978).
Strontium 5.02 Andersen et al. (1997).
Yttrium 30 Feigerle, Herman & Lineberger (1981).
Zirconium 41 Hotop & Lineberger (1985).
Niobium 86(2) Hotop & Lineberger (1985).
Molybdenum 72.3 Bilodeau, Scheer & Haugen (1998).
Ruthenium 101.0 Norquist et al. (1999).
Rhodium 110.3 Scheer et al. (1998c).
Palladium 54.24 Scheer et al. (1998c).
Silver 125.86 Biladeau, Scheer & Haugen (1998).
Indium 39 Williams et al. (1998b).
Tin 107.30 Scheer et al. (1998a).
Antimony 101.06 Scheer, Haugen & Beck (1997).
Tellurium 190.16 Hotop & Lineberger (1985). Haeffler et al. (1996b).
Iodine 295 Moore (1970).
Caesium 45.51 Slater et al. (1978). Scheer et al. (1998d).
Barium 13.95 Petrunin et al. (1995).
Lanthanum 45(2) Covington et al. (1998).
Cerium 92(2) Davis & Thompson (2002a).
Thulium 99(2) Davis & Thompson (2002b).
Lutetium 33 Davis & Thompson (2001).
Tantalum 31 Hotop & Lineberger (1985).
Tungsten 79 Hotop & Lineberger (1985). Bengali et al. (1992).
Osmium 104.0 Biladeau & Haugen (2000).
Iridium 150.9 Biladeau et al. (1999).
Platinum 205.04 Biladeau et al. (1999).
Gold 222.75 Hotop & Lineberger (1985).
Thallium 36 Carpenter, Covington & Thompson (2000).
Lead 35 Hotop & Lineberger (1985).
Bismuth 90.92 Biladeau & Haugen (2001).


Molecule Electron affinity
Dibromine 244 Janousek & Brauman (1979)
Dichlorine 227 Janousek & Brauman (1979)
Difluorine 297 Janousek & Brauman (1979)
Diiodine 246 Janousek & Brauman (1979)
Dioxygen 43 CRC Handbook
Iodine bromide 251 Janousek & Brauman (1979)
Lithium chloride 59 Janousek & Brauman (1979)
Nitric oxide 2 Janousek & Brauman (1979)
Nitrogen dioxide 222 Janousek & Brauman (1979)
Sulfur dioxide 105 Janousek & Brauman (1979)
Larger polyatomics  
Benzene −110 Janousek & Brauman (1979)
p-Benzoquinone 129 CRC Handbook
Boron trifluoride 255 CRC Handbook
Nitric acid 59 Janousek & Brauman (1979)
Nitromethane 38 Janousek & Brauman (1979)
Phosphoryl chloride 134 Janousek & Brauman (1979)
Sulfur hexafluoride 138 CRC Handbook
Tetracyanoethylene 278 CRC Handbook
Tungsten hexafluoride 264 CRC Handbook
Uranium hexafluoride 280 CRC Handbook


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