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Entropy (disambiguation)

Entropy can have several meanings:


Science and technology

Additional relevant articles may be found in the following categories:

  • Thermodynamic entropy, the thermodynamic homogeneity of a system, limiting the ability to extract mechanical work
  • Information entropy, in statistics, the amount of information that is lacking in a random variable
  • Entropy encoding, data compression strategies that set out to achieve message lengths close to the Shannon entropy
  • Entropy (ecology), use of Shannon entropy as a measure of biodiversity in the study of ecology
  • Renyi entropies, family of diversity measures generalising Shannon entropy; used to define fractal dimensions


  • Measure theoretic entropy, a measure of exponential growth in dynamical systems; equivalent to the rate of increase of Shannon entropy of a trajectory in trajectory-space
  • Topological entropy, a measure of exponential growth in dynamical systems; equivalent to the rate of increase of α->0 Renyi entropy of a trajectory in trajectory-space


  • Entropy (magazine) the magazine of the Students Association of the University of South Australia


  • Entropy (monitor) a monitor of anaesthetic depth using analysis of a 2 lead EEG


  • Entropy (anonymous data store), a computer network designed to be resistant to censorship
  • Entropy (PHP), a version of PHP compiled for Mac OS X
  • Entropy (computing), an indicator of the number of random bits available to seed cryptography systems


  • Entropy (board game), the name of two board games
  • a short story by Thomas Pynchon


  • Entropy (film), a 1999 film directed by Phil Joanou.
  • Entropy (2006 film), an independent film shot in South-Eastern Wisconsin.

Music and television

  • Entropy (album), a split vinyl album by Anathallo and Javelins
  • Entropy ry., a student organization for electronic music at Helsinki University of Technology
  • a song on the album Against the Grain by Bad Religion
  • a song on the album Matter + Form by VNV Nation
  • a song on the b album by Moxy Früvous
  • a song by MC Hawking
  • Entropy (Hip Hop Reconstruction from the Ground up), Hip-Hop Suite by DJ Shadow and the Groove Robbers
  • "Entropy" (Buffy episode), an episode of the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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