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Ethyl Macadamiate

Ethyl Macadamiate is the ester of ethyl alcohol and the fatty acids derived from Macadamia Terifolia Seed Oil (q.v.). Ethyl Macadamiate is commonly used in cosmetic formulations.

Chemical structure

Ethyl Macadamiate is the ethyl ester of the free fatty acids produced by the complete saponification of Macadamia oil. The primary constituents of Ethyl Macadamiate are ethyl oleate and ethyl palmitoleate.

Physical properties

Ethyl Macadamiate is a clear, colorless liquid at room temperature, with a typical fatty ester odor. Ethyl Macadamiate's melting (congealing) point is 10°C. and its specific gravity is 0.88. Ethyl Macadamiate spreads very aggressively, and has a light, nongreasy dry skinfeel similar to that of some silicone derivatives, however, Ethyl Macadamiate is non-volatile.


Ethyl Macadamiate is used in cosmetics, especially in skincare, haircare and suncare formulation. The dry skinfeel and high spread make Ethyl Macadamiate well suited for increasing sunscreen coverage. Ethyl Macadamiate is a promising alternative to cyclomethicone and dimethicone as a skinfeel modifier where a botanical, nonvolatile and/or lipid-soluble substance is preferred.

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