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Impact spectrometer

Impact spectrometer (called also sonicspctometer) is a method for characterizing properties of fluids and metal . It is part of method: acoustic spectroscopy

By using on a tube fill with fluid or a metal that mounted in its edge the device is ready to impact spectroscopy test. An ultrasonic hammer (the same ultrasonic probe that use in ultrasonic welding), that consist a linear ultrasonic motor terminated by iron mass, create an impact on the device under test. The sonic wave is measured by FFT instrument.

This method is used in quality check procedure of fluid and in metallurgy tests.


  • AEWG The Acoustic Emission Working Group [1].
  • EWGAE The European Working Group
  • JCEA The Japanese Working Group on Acoustic Emission
  • GLEA The Latin American Working Group on Acoustic Emission [2].
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