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Interior radiation control coating

Interior Radiation Control Coating Systems (IRCCS), sometimes referred to as Radiant Barrier Coatings. ASTM (The American Society for Testing and Materials) and RIMA (Reflective Insulation Manufacturer's Association) have established an industry standard for evaluating paints claiming to have insulating characteristics. The energy conserving property has been defined as "Thermal Emittance" and those coatings qualified as Interior Radiation Control Coatings must show a thermal emittance of 0.25 or less. Thermal Emittance is the ability of a surface to reflect infrared radiation. The IRCCS standard of 0.25 or less means that an IRCCS will block 75% or more of the radiant heat transfer. Uses of IRCCS can vary from residential and commercial building insulation to industrial and automotive applications and much more.


  • ASTM C1321-04 "Standard Practice for Installation and Use of Interior Radiation Control Coating Systems (IRCCS) in Building Construction"
  • RIMA has recently made a survey of coatings that claiming to have insulating characteristics. To view this study go to, click on "Technical Info - IRCC Study"
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