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Krytox is a trademark of a family of high performance synthetic lubricants (oils and greases) used in many things from spaceships to computer chip manufacturing. It is a chemical polymer belonging to the ether family that was patented by the chemical manufacturing giant DuPont. Krytox oils are a fluorocarbon polymers of polyhexafluoropropylene oxide, with a chemical formula

F − (CF(CF3) − CF2O)nCF2CF3,

where the degree of polymerization, n, generally lies within the range n=10-60.[1] This mixture of compounds are collectively known by many names, including perfluoropolyether (PFPE), perfluoroalkylether (PFAE), or perfluoropolyalkylether(PFPAE). A unique identifier is their CAS registry number, 60164-51-4.

In addition to PFPE, krytox grease also contains telomers of PTFE, and in many ways krytox is designed to be a liquid or grease form of PTFE. Krytox is thermally stable, nonflammable (even in liquid oxygen), nontoxic, and insoluble in water, acids, bases, and most organic solvents. It has very low vapor pressure and can be used between about -60 and +316 to +399 °C. It is highly resistant to ionizing radiation, making it useful for aerospace and nuclear industry. It can withstand extreme pressure and high mechanical stress.

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