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Lanthanum strontium cobalt ferrite

Lanthanum strontium cobalt ferrite (LSCF), also called lanthanum strontium cobaltite ferrite is a ceramic material of the ferrite group. It is a mixture of lanthanum(III) oxide, strontium oxide, cobalt oxide and iron oxide (cobalt iron oxide).

It is black in color and crystallizes in a skewed perovskite structure. LSCF undergoes phase transformations at various temperatures depending on the composition. This material is considered a mixed ionic electronic conductor with transference number close to 1. It can become non-stoichiometric at low oxygen partial pressures and high temperature.

LSCF is being investigated as a material for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cell cathodes,

LSCF is also investigated as a membrane material for separation of oxygen from air, for use in e.g. cleaner burning power plants. [1]

It is commercially available.

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